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Litios Light Crystals
The "Litios Light Crystals of the New Age" touch your heart with the energy of joy, love and bliss. They support you in your spiritual transformation process. Archangels, Ascended Masters, Devas of Light as well as Cosmic Brothers and Sisters of Light infuse the Litios Light Crystals with their love frequencies. It is an everlasting connection to the heart of Mother Earth and the Light Universe.

Meditation with the Litios Light Crystals is very powerful. It releases and harmonizes the aura from all negative programmings and manipulations. The light energy of the Litios Light Crystals merges with you and leads you to harmony with All-That-Is on this planet. You will receive golden grounding.
Therefore, the focus of our meditations is set on finding the path towards yourself.
Come to Young & Spiritual, open your heart and take life into your own hands - Activate your transformational power - your manifestation powers - your spiritual life plan. Make new friends, who have activated their chakras as well as light body to live a joyful and harmonious life.

Online Meditation & Lectures
"Receive the light energies from the Light Universe to master your daily challenges"
Try our Online Meditations & Lectures for free. You will receive purest energies of love and light for the whole aura and chakra system. The Online Meditation is ideal for busy people as well as for beginners and advanced users.

Aura Harmonization - Chakra Harmonization
Under "Aura" and "Chakras" you will find suitable Light Crystals for your aura and chakra system.
A chakra meditation with Litios Light Crystals connects all chakras immediately with the heart of Mother Earth and the Light Universe. Your energy level shall be raised softly. Your vibration will be continually raised. It is the transformation into illuminated beings of the New Age = The Crystalline Light Body.

The Litios Light Crystals are wonderful for the whole Family. They assist us in harmonizing and softening our emotions. You may wear a Light Crystal as a pendant and it will expand its loving energy in your chakra system. It creates a protective field of light around your whole aura. A very popular Litios Light Crystal is the Flower of Life Pendant. The Flower of Life is the Creation Matrix from Archangel Metatron. It is the order of the universe, the order of love and all things of our planet earth.

Home Harmonization 
The Litios Light Crystals fill and flood rooms and buildings with their heavenly energy. The Angel´s Gate, the Merkaba Sphere, the Ashtar Sphere and the Light Deva Spheres are very popular Litios Light Crystals for the home. The Angel´s Gate opens a doorway to the world of the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Master. The energy of the Merkaba Sphere is s like an explosion of light releasing all rigidness, blockages and boundaries. The Ashtar Sphere establishes a heart connection to your Cosmic Family and other planets of light. The Light Deva Spheres are wonderful for energizing and harmonizing rooms. Specifically, children love the energy of the Sirian Dolphin Devas and the Golden Master Dragons.

The Litios Light Crystals also energize water, food and beverages. You will find suitable recommendations under "Energy for Food & Beverages". You can take lightful associates with you on your car trips. We have also thought about your smartphone and other electronic devices. The Light Crystals harmonize technical radiation, e.g. electrosmog, cell phone radiation, wireless devices, etc.

For Companies
The Litios Light Crystals are very helpful for your workplace. The energy of the Golden Master Dragons unleashes the powers of creation and manifestation which support you to master challenging situations at school or work. Be the creator of your life and manifest your golden future of love, joy and success.
The energy of the Cosmic Brothers and Sisters of Light is excellent for all organizations and services where the "monetary system" has a significant impact on the daily work (banks, investment companies, private equity, insurances, shops…).
Please see under "For Companies" our recommendations for your work place or profession.